Gameplay Gameplay

Touhou LostWord

Touhou LostWord is a licensed smartphone RPG that features the beloved characters of Touhou Project.


You can go to each screen from the Home screen.
You can also check on your favorite characters.

Party Formation

You can assign up to 6 characters to your party.
You can switch the front guard and rear guard characters during battles.

Enhance Your Units

You can power up your characters by using items.


You can play through story scenarios and battles from Explore.


The story set in Gensokyo features art of Reimu, Marisa and all your beloved characters.


You can collect Spirit Points and Coins from Services.
You can further enhance your characters here.

Spirt Points: Used to engage in battles.
Coins: Used for Prayers (pulls) and enhancements.


You can check your player information.
Also, if you select your favorite character, they will appear on your Home screen.