Privacy Policy


We highly value the importance of your personal information. We consider securing your personal information to be our civil responsibility, and we guarantee that we are doing our best to protect it.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is information relating to a person which allows identification of the specific person. Examples of personal information include one’s name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, workplace, etc.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

We collect and use your personal data only for the following purposes.
The personal information we collect and use is the information provided to us voluntarily. If you provide us with your personal information, it means that you allow us to use that information so we can:

  1. send you notifications about events and campaigns in “Touhou LostWord”;
  2. to contact you, provide support, and to introduce products and services.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose or provide your personal information to a third party without your prior consent, unless there is a legal reason, e.g., in cases prescribed by law.

Supervision of Outside Contractors

We may sometimes entrust a portion of a user’s personal information to an outside contractor in the course of providing services to our users. In such cases, we supervise the outside contractor to ensure they handle the personal information appropriately.

Management of Personal Information

We implement sufficient safety measures in order to prevent the leakage, loss, damage, etc. of personal information. We also manage the personal information in an appropriate manner to keep it accurate and up-to-date.

Requests, Revisions, or Deletions of Personal Information

In case you want to request, revise, or delete the personal information you provided us with, we will respond accordingly to a reasonable extent after confirming your identity.

If you have any questions about our handling of personal information,
please contact us