Get a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card every day!

We’re running a follow & retweet campaign on our official Twitter and Facebook accounts where we’ll be giving out a $50 Amazon gift card every day to three lucky winners!

You can join in by following us on our official Twitter or Facebook account and retweeting the campaign tweet or sharing the campaign post. Come test your luck!

Official Twitter
Official Facebook


Application Period:
Until 23:59 (PST) of the day when the campaign tweet or post was posted.

How to Apply on Twitter:
1. Follow our official Twitter account @touhouLW_Global
2. Retweet the campaign tweet
Note: You have to complete both steps to apply.

How to Apply on Facebook:
1. Follow our official Facebook account @touhoulwGlobal
2. Share our campaign post
Note: You have to complete both steps to apply.

Prize Information:
A $50 Amazon gift card given out by lottery to three lucky winners per day while the campaign is active.


Winner Announcement:
– We will contact the winners through either our official Twitter account (@touhouLW_Global) or our official Facebook account (@touhoulwGlobal) via DM to deliver the prize.
– Winners will only be notified via DM.
– If a winner does not share enough information to deliver the prize, has their Twitter or Facebook account set to private, deletes the relevant tweet or post, or unfollows our official account, that will be considered as declining to receive the prize.

Important Information:
– Anybody with a Twitter or Facebook account can apply.
– You cannot apply if you do not have your own Twitter or Facebook account.
– Please make sure your account is set to public when you apply. If your account is private, you will not be able to apply.
– Accounts with blank profiles (no name, profile, icon, etc.) may not be accepted.
– Inactive accounts may not be accepted.
– Accounts that have DMs blocked will not be able to apply.
– If we do not receive a reply within one week of our contacting you, your win will be considered void.
– If fraud is detected during the campaign, the campaign may be terminated.
– The information on this page and all terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
– Prizes are not transferable to others or redeemable for cash.
– Any internet communication fees incurred when applying for this campaign are the responsibility of the applicant.