Touhou LostWord feat. Nanase Aikawa x Butaotome

Touhou LostWord’s fourth music video of the MV Project has now arrived!

This time Touhou music circle Butaotome, and Japanese vocalist Nanase Aikawa have come together in a music collaboration which also features original art of Fujiwara no Mokou!

Artist: Touhou LostWord feat. Nanase Aikawa x Butaotome

Song: Silver Gale

Original work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)

Lyrics: Comp (Butaotome)

Arrangement: Comp (Butaotome)

Planning and Music Production: Comp (Butaotome)

Music Video Production: Nanagi (Nitroplus)

Enjoy the music and look forward to the next music video coming soon!


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