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Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

The following content was released during June 11th Maintenance.

Maintenance Summary

Update Details

Login Bonus

– Phantom-Human Maid for a Day?! Login Bonus Part 3


Get all the rewards during the event period!


Starts: 2021/6/12 0:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/6/18 23:59 UTC


Rewards list:

Day 1: 1500 Coins

Day 2: 5 Seal Crystals

Day 3: 1500 Coins

Day 4: 5 Seal Crystals

Day 5: 1500 Coins

Day 6: 1 Story Card (I Can Cut Pretty Much Anything)

Day 7: 5 Seal Crystals

Note: you can only claim each reward once.


-Double Drop Rate Week: Main Story


In the following period, all the Main Story battles will have double drop rate!

This is your chance to earn useful enhancement items to power up your Units, and to collect the super-rare Story Cards dropping in the last battle of the Main Story!

Don’t miss it!


Starts: 2021/6/11 after maintenance

Ends: 2021/6/18 1:59 UTC



– Main Story Chapter 2: Scarlet Devil Tower Act 2!


Starts: 2021/6/11 after maintenance


Will our heroines be able to meet the Witch of Scarlet Dreams?
Read the story and play the battles to find out!



Check the Phantom-Human Maid for a Day?! Packs 3 in the Shop!


Starts: 2021/6/11 after maintenance

Ends: 2021/6/18 1:59 UTC



Check out the new Costumes!


Festival: Sages of Gensokyo


Don’t miss the opportunity to get Yukari Yakumo and Kasen Ibaraki at a higher drop rate for a limited time!


Starts: 2021/6/11 after maintenance

Ends: 2021/6/18 1:59 UTC


Player Level

The maximum Player Level has had its limit of 120 removed.
Level up more to increase your maximum Coin and Spirit Point limit.

New Tasks relating to Player Level will be added during the next maintenance.


Bug Fix

The following bugs have been fixed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bugs fixed:
Spelling mistakes have been corrected.


Maintenance Rewards

And to thank you for your patience during maintenance, the following rewards will be sent to your Mail!


Rewards list:

– 5 Seal Crystals
– 1500 Coins
– 500 Spirit Points


Claim your rewards from Home > Mail within 30 days!


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!