Witch of Scarlet Dreams Challenge

The Witch of Scarlet Dream Challenge begins!

Witch of Scarlet Dream Challenge details

Period: 6/25 ~ 7/5

Challenge: Defeat the Witch of Scarlet Dreams on Lunatic 2-7, with the Red and Black Fairies still alive

How to participate: Share a screenshot or video of Lunatic 2-7 with the Red and Black Fairies still alive

Make sure to get the Gold materials to level up your Friends for the upcoming Scarlet Devil Tower!

Methods of sharing results:

Reddit megathread:

Share your results in the Reddit megathread for the challenge:


Twitter hashtag:

Tweet your results to @touhouLW_Global with the hashtag #WitchOfScarletDreams


Join discord and share your results in the channel #witch-of-scarlet-dreams-challenge



1000 Shares Wind Scroll (3)x10 Cloud Scroll (3)x10

2000 Shares Book of Support (3)x10 Book of Defense (3)x10 Book of Attack (3)x10

3000 Shares Heaven Scroll (3)x10 Earth Scroll (3)x10 Phoenix Scroll (3)x10

4000 Shares Bamboo Tile (3)x10 Chrysanthemum Tile (3) x10 Plum Tile (3)x10 Orchid Tile (3)x10

5000 Shares Dragon Scroll (3)x10 Serpent Scroll (3)x10 Tiger Scroll (3) x10



※You must include your full screen when sharing your results

※Lunatic 2-7 stage must be shown with the Red and Black Fairies alive, and no Witch of Scarlet Dreams. See the reference image below

※Only results shared on Reddit, Twitter, & Discord will be counted

※Please refrain from sharing the same results multiple times on the same social media platform, multiple entries from a single individual will not be counted on the same social media platform.

※It is okay to share once per social media platform.

※If you have questions about the Witch of Scarlet Dreams Challenge, please direct those questions to the Discord community staff via the #questions-advice channel

※Prizes will be sent to players after the challenge finishes and shares are tallied.

Example of a submission that clearly shows Lunatic 2-7, Red Fairy, Black Fairy, and no Witch of Scarlet Dreams

Good luck to all, and we look forward to seeing how many people are able to complete the challenge!


For those who would like hints in how to defeat the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, there might be some info here… https://gamepress.gg/lostword/#news-more