What is the Scarlet Devil Tower? Check the new content’s features and learn how to play!



Today we are going to introduce Scarlet Devil Tower in Touhou LostWord!


Scarlet Devil Tower

– A challenging gameplay mode only available for a limited period.



Clearing Ch.2 Scarlet Devil Tower Act 2.


Main Rewards:

Guaranteed Friend Ritual

Story Card Ritual

Paper Doll

Divine Paper Doll


Scarlet Devil Tower is challenging content only available for a limited period.
Clear each floor to get useful items like Divine Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls, Scrolls and more.

You will be able to play the Scarlet Devil Tower after clearing Main Chapter 2.


Clear each floor and reach the top!

Defeat the enemies to climb up!

After each battle, your Friends will not recover, so use all your units to reach the next floor.
On the floors marked with “BOSS” you will have to defeat powerful foes.


After each battle, your Friends’ HP will not be recovered.


The battle progress will be carried unchanged in the next battle as follows.


HP amount

Barrier amount

Barrier Statuses

Spirit Power amount

Spell Card use

Skill use turn



HP amount

Barrier amount

Barrier Statuses

Spell Gauge


In the Scarlet Devil Tower, your Friends’ HP amount, Barrier amount, Barrier Statuses, Spirit Power amount, and Spell Card use will be carried through after each battle, as well as your enemies’ HP amount, Barrier amount, and Spell Gauge. So even if you fail, you can still try again from where you left off!

But be careful: if you quit the battle, your progress in the tower will reset.


Practice battles without using Spirit Power



You can practice battles on each floor without using any Spirit Power. The result of the practice will not affect the real battles.


Use Full Heal to recover all of your Friends




– You can recover your Friends for free once a day.

‐ By using Seal Crystals you can recover your Friends up to 3 times.
1st time: 5 Seal Crystals
2nd time: 10 Seal Crystals
3rd time: 15 Seal Crystals


Your Friends’ HP amount, Spell Card, Graze, Knocked Out condition will be recovered once a day by using Full Heal. Full Heal will reset at 0:00. You can also use Seal Crystals to recover your Friends up to 3 times a day.


Everytime you use Seal Crystals to recover your Friends, the amount required the next time will increase.

Once you use Full Heal, you will have to wait before using it again, so make sure to choose the proper timing.


Here is the Guide to the Scarlet Devil Tower


Look forward to the new content while powering up your Friends!



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!