Emergency Maintenance 10/12/2021


Emergency Maintenance 10/12/2021


On October 12th UTC, emergency maintenance was held after scheduled maintenance due to the following issues that occurred.

Players with a Player Level of over 120 had their Player Level reduced due to an error that occurred where old data that had a set maximum Player Level of 120 was reintroduced into the game due to an unforeseen data error.

Regretfully as we are now manually gathering all affected Players’ level data, it will take a bit longer before we are able to restore affected Players’ to their original value before the error. We currently estimate that we will be able to restore affected Players’ level data with a short maintenance on October 15th UTC. We will post a further announcement once this has been decided, and if we are able to restore the levels sooner to affected Players we will announce so.

We are currently discussing compensation for the inconvenience that affected Players are experiencing due to this level situation and will announce the compensation at the same time we are able to restore all affected Players’ levels.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore these levels as soon as possible.

To all players in compensation for the emergency maintenance on 10/12 UTC we have sent the following to all Players’ Mail.

– 5 Seal Crystals
– 1500 Coins
– 500 Spirit Points

Note: There will be further announcements in regards to Players who were over level 120 when the error happened.