Half Anniversary Maintenance

Maintenance Summary



Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

Maintenance will be held for Half Anniversary during the following period.

During maintenance you will not be able to play the game.


Maintenance Period

2021/11/11 2:00~8:00 UTC
Note: The ending time may vary.


Maintenance Details

Login Bonus

Home BGM: Touhou LostWord x RichaadEB – Lost Word Chronicle Present

Get the BGM Touhou LostWord x RichaadEB – Lost Word Chronicle!

Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/12/12 23:59 UTC

Note: There is an error in the image that shows an end date of 2022, the correct year is 2021. This will be replaced once the image is fixed.

Login Bonus

Home BGM: Night-Splitting Light Present



Get the BGM Night-Splitting Light!
Touhou LostWord feat. Hironobu Kageyama x Butaotome


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2022/1/30 23:59 UTC


The Steps to Achieve Fairyhood?! Login Bonus Part 1


Get all the rewards during the event period!


Starts: 2021/11/12 0:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 23:59 UTC


Rewards list:

Day 1: 1000 Spirit Points

Day 2: 1000 Spirit Points

Day 3: 1 Wagashi

Day 4: 1000 Spirit Points

Day 5: 1000 Spirit Points

Day 6: 1★4 Story Card (Shichi-Go-San School Visit?!)

Day 7: 1000 Spirit Points

Note: you can claim each reward once.


Hifuu LostWord Release Login Bonus


Get all the rewards during the event period!


Starts: 2021/11/12 0:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/30 23:59 UTC


Rewards list:

Day 1: 1 Seal Crystal
Day 2: 1 Tiger Scroll
Day 3: Sparking Slash (BGM)
Day 4: 1,500 Coins
Day 5: 5 Fortune Dust
Day 6: 1 Seal Crystal
Day 7: 1 Serpent Scroll
Day 8: 1 Seal Crystal
Day 9: Book of Attack
Day 10: 5 Fortune Dust
Day 11: 1 Seal Crystal
Day 12: 1 Dragon Scroll
Day 13: 1 Seal Crystal
Day 14: 5 Fortune Dust

Note: you can only claim each reward once.


Everyone Wins Campaign




Starts: 2021/11/12 0:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/12/31 23:59 UTC

Everyone who logs in for 30 days during the campaign period will get 50 Seal Crystals! Everyone who completes the 30 day login will also be entered for a chance to win 600 God Crystals! Up to 150,000 people will be randomly chosen from those that completed the 30 day login to win 600 God Crystals!


Daily Half Anniversary Forever Prayer


You can try it once every day during the event period.
Standard & Festival Prayer Friends who have been implemented in-game from 2021/5/11~2021/10/31.

Ongoing bug:

When you claim a Friend from your Mail while you have a Friend Saved in the Forever Prayer, you will be taken to a screen showing the character with their voice line, a “Welcome This Friend” button, a “Return” button, and an “i” button (Unit Details).

Please tap the “Return” button.

If you tap “Welcome This Friend,” there will be a popup asking for confirmation. If you tap “Confirm,” you will also receive your Saved Friend for the Forever Prayer, and the app will freeze when returning to the Home Screen.

Note: You will have received both Friends when you restart the app, and your Forever Prayer will have finished.

Starts: 2021/11/12 0:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/12/10 23:59 UTC


TRIPLE Drop Rate Week: Main Story & Hifuu LostWord


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 1:59 UTC


Errand EXP x3


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 1:59 UTC


Half Anniversary Daily Presents Part 2!


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 1:59 UTC


Major Content Updates

Hakugyoku Arena

Enter the new gameplay mode, Hakugyoku Arena!
Hakugyoku Arena is a gameplay that will be open daily providing challenging content to players.

The following difficulties will be available:

While it is possible to challenged Hakugyoku Arena multiple times per day, it is only possible to receive rewards once per day per difficulty.
Note: If you complete a higher difficulty such as Lunatic, you will receive rewards for all previous difficulties.

With Hakugyoku Arena comes the addition of a new item “Superior Incense”. Superior Incense will allow you to increase the top end of your Friends’ stats allowing them to become even more powerful than before!

Look forward to the new challenges that await daily!

To celebrate the release of Hakugyoku Arena a limited edition 5★ Story Card “Moriya Anniversary” will be available from Hakugyoku Arena tasks for a limited time.

Note: To participate in Hakugyoku Arena you must have cleared up until Chapter 3 Act 1 of the Main Story.

Limited time Hakugyoku Arena Tasks will also be available to commemorate Half Anniversary


Hifuu LostWord


Hifuu LostWord begins, prepare to meet a new cast of characters and enter a brand new story!

Hifuu LostWord is officially licensed by Team Shanghai Alice.
This work licenses ZUN’s Music Collection from Team Shanghai Alice and freely interprets and incorporates ZUN’s Music Collection into the setting of Touhou LostWord with the permission of the licensor.
ZUN’s Music Collection and other related titles are the copyrighted works of Team Shanghai Alice.

Note: Hifuu LostWord is available to all who have completed the tutorial

Stages of Hifuu LostWord

Characters appearing in Hifuu LostWord

Characters appearing in the prologue of Hifuu LostWord. Code B3 – You of the End

New Event featuring an event obtainable Friend

During the event period you can read a new story and get various rewards!

Complete normal mode of the event to get Clownpiece for free from an event task!

Clownpiece will also have her special costume available in the Event Exchange!


Clownpiece’s intro video, click below!

Clownpiece’s costume





Check Lunar War Enchanter Packs in the Shop!


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 1:59 UTC



Ultra Festival Prayer

Lunar War Enchanter Ultra Festival


Don’t miss the opportunity to get Lunar War Enchanter Marisa Kirisame at a higher drop rate for a limited time! Marisa will be here for a limited time on her Ultra Festival!


Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/11/18 1:59 UTC

Check out Lunar War Enchanter Marisa Kirisame’s video below!

Festival: Guaranteed Festival Prayer

Get 1 guaranteed character from Festival Prayer limited characters, Suika Ibuki, Yuyuko Saigyouji, Watatsuki no Toyohime, Watatsuki no Yorihime, Shion Yorigami and Doremy Sweet!
It only costs you 600 God Crystals and you can obtain 10 Fortune Dust for each prayer!
You can pray up to 3 times using God Crystals.

Starts: 2021/11/11 8:00 UTC

Ends: 2021/12/10 1:59 UTC

Shop Costumes

Event Costumes

Half Anniversary Limited Costumes


Maintenance Rewards

And to thank you for your patience during maintenance, the following rewards will be sent to your Mail!


Rewards list:

5 Seal Crystals

1500 Coins

500 Spirit Points


Claim your rewards from Home > Mail within 30 days!


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!