New event “Moon EX Battle Stage”

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Event Details

Moon EX Battle Stage starts from February 18!

Elemental EX challenge stages begin! Moon EX will release on February 18. Challenge Moon EX with your Friends that have Moon element bullets.

Moon EX has an increased chance to drop various Gold Materials and a special ★5 Story Card, Anniversary at the SDM.

In the future more elemental stages are planned to be implemented. Look forward to more news!

To leave feedback in regards to Moon EX, please check the official Discord where you can leave your feedback.

*Moon EX is intended to be challenging content for players with multiple high level Friends, leveled Skills, and various Story Cards equipped.

*It is recommended to bring Friends that have Moon element bullets with you when challenging this content
*It is recommended to bring level 100 Friends to this content

Available from:
2022/2/18 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 1:59 UTC

Moon EX Battle Stage Campaigns

To celebrate the release of Moon EX we will be holding various campaigns! Please check below for details!



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