New event “Rerun: The Kosuzu Motoori Case Files Lite ver.”

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.


Play the new event to read the story and get rewards!


Available from:
2022/2/18 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 1:59 UTC

Event Details

The Kosuzu Motoori Case Files Lite ver. is coming back!

Extra Mode, all Tasks, and all Stages will be available from the start of the event.
Review the story and get various rewards! Don’t miss it!

Make sure to exchange for Marisa Kirisame’s event limited costume!


Event Points, Exchange, Lottery, and Total Points

You will be able to exchange Event Points until the following date and time:

2022/3/8 1:59 UTC

To play this limited event, read the story and collect Event Points.
Complete the tasks to get rewards and more Event Points.
You can exchange Event Points from Shop > Shrine Office > Event Exchange, or try the Lottery for useful items!
And don’t forget to check your Total Points from the Event Menu! Tap the item icon to get the rewards you deserve for reaching the total amount of Event Points you collected.

Note: Event Points drop amount has been revised.

Enjoy the Event Point Bonus!
Some of the Event quests have an Event Point Bonus once a day during the event period!
Make the most of them to collect as many Event Points as you can and get more rewards!

Note: the quests reset at 0:00.

Difficulty Level
This event is playable in 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic.
Each quest cleared in Normal is unlocked in Hard and each quest cleared in Hard is unlocked in Lunatic.
You can read the story by playing the Normal level.

Rare Event Points
Rare Event points are points that only drop from quests.
You can exchange Rare Event Points for exclusive Vinyl Records that you will be able to set and play from the BGM menu, and other enhancement items.

BGM List for Rare Event Points
-Song: Suzurine
Arr.: Kouki Izumi
Orig.: Bibliophile with a Deciphering Eye

-Song: Extratrack (Musicarus Jackin’ Remix)
Arr.: Musicarus
Orig.: Locked Girl ~ The Girl’s Secret Room

-Song: Love-Colored Master Spark
Arr.: Akai Ryusei
Orig.: Love-Colored Master Spark

-Song: Iris
Arr.: Hamu
Orig.: Doll Judgment ~ The Girl Who Played With People’s Shapes

-Song: Winter Lament × Nostalgia
Arr.: Butaotome
Orig.: Japanese Saga/Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World

– Quests have a low chance to drop 1 Rare Event Point per clear. Rare Event Points do not drop in quantities of more than 1.
– Rare Event points are not counted in Total Points and cannot be used in the Lottery.

Costume Bonus

The Costume Bonus increases the drop rate of Event Points and Rare Event Points in each quest, and are activated by owning the costumes designated for each event.

The costumes with a Costume Bonus in this event will be:
Puppeteer at the Hieda Residence – Alice Margatroid

Great Library at the Hieda Residence – Patchouli Knowledge

Magician at the Hieda Residence – Marisa Kirisame (This costume is available for free in the Event Exchange)

Exquisite Lunar Swordswoman – Watatsuki no Yorihime

Angel of Taboos – Sagume Kishin

– You don’t have to change costumes to activate the buff. It is sufficient to own the Costume.
– The Costume Bonus doesn’t affect rates other than the quest drops, like task rewards.



The following difficulties will be available:

Event Tasks & Rewards

Do the Daily Quest to get Event Points
・Log in during the Event.
・Win the Event battle 3~40 times.
・Clear the Daily Quest
・Pray 1~3 times.

Challenge each Stage to get Seal Crystals, Event Points & Rare Event Points
・Clear each Stage to get 1 Seal Crystal
・Get all the ★ to get Event Points & Rare Event Points

Event Stages
Too Many Magicians!
Kosuzu’s First License?
Maid at the Mansion?
Targeted Samurai Girl
Grating Detective Marisa
Flaming Defendant
Living God’s Mishap
Back to Suzunaan
Out of Countless Truths


Login Bonus

Log in during the following times to receive gifts.

Rewards list:
Day 1: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 2: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 3: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 4: 1 ★4 Story Card (Mythical Beast’s School)
Day 5: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 6: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 7: 1000 Spirit Points
Day 8: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 9: 1 ★5 Story Card (A Perfect Day for Errands)
Day 10: 1000 Spirit Points

*Each gift can only be received once.

Available from:
2022/2/19 0:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 23:59 UTC


*Limited time only!*

Rerun: The Kosuzu Motoori Case Files Lite ver. Packs are available in the Shop for a limited time only! Get them while you can!
Event Bonus Pack $14.99 USD (Only 5 times available!)
480 God Crystals
2 Unagi Lunch
18,000 Spirit Points

Event Pack XS  $4.99 USD (Only 5 times available!)

Event Pack S  $9.99 USD (Only 4 times available!)

Event Pack M  $19.99 USD (Only 3 times available!)

Event Pack L  $39.99 USD (Only 2 times available!)

Event Pack XL  $79.99 USD (Only 3 times available!)

Available from:
2022/2/18 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 1:59 UTC


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!