Prayer “Daily Forever Prayer Lite ver.” coming soon!

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.


You can try it once every day during the event period to get your favorite Friend.

Standard & Festival Prayer Friends who have been implemented in-game from 2021/5/11~2021/11/30.

*Reimu Hakurei (Scarlet) & Ultra Festival Prayer Friends are not included.

Available from:
2022/3/1 0:00 UTC until
2022/3/24 23:59 UTC


Ongoing bug:
When you claim a Friend from your Mail while you have a Friend Saved in the Forever Prayer, you will be taken to a screen showing the character with their voice line, a “Welcome This Friend” button, a “Return” button, and an “i” button (Unit Details).

Please tap the “Return” button.

If you tap “Welcome This Friend,” there will be a popup asking for confirmation. If you tap “Confirm,” you will also receive your Saved Friend for the Forever Prayer, and the app will freeze when returning to the Home Screen.

Note: You will have received both Friends when you restart the app, and your Forever Prayer will have finished.



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!