New event “Moon EX Battle Stage”

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Play the new event to get rewards!

Available from:
2022/5/27 8:00 UTC until
2022/6/10 1:59 UTC

Event Details

Moon EX Battle Stage starts from May 27!


Challenge Moon EX with your Friends that have Moon element bullets.

Moon EX has an increased chance to drop various Gold Materials and a special ★5 Story Card, Anniversary at the SDM.

*Moon EX is intended to be challenging content for players with multiple high-level Friends, leveled Skills, and various Story Cards equipped.

*It is recommended to bring Friends that have Moon element bullets with you when challenging this content
*It is recommended to bring level 100 Friends to this content

・Gold Scrolls, Tiles, Books
・Silver Tiles, Books
・100 Event Points
・★5 Story Card, Anniversary at the SDM

Event Points, Exchange, and Total Points

You will be able to exchange Event Points until the following date and time:
2022/6/17 1:59 UTC

Complete the tasks to get rewards and more Event Points.
You can exchange Event Points from Shop > Shrine Office > Event Exchange for useful items!
And don’t forget to check your Total Points from the Event Menu! Tap the item icon to get the rewards you deserve for reaching the total amount of Event Points you collected.

Note: Event Points drop amount has been revised.

Enjoy the Event Point Bonus!
7x Event Point Bonus once a day during the event period!
Make the most of them to collect as many Event Points as you can and get more rewards!

Note: the quests reset at 0:00.


Costume Bonus

The Costume Bonus increases the drop rate of Event Points in each quest, and are activated by owning the costumes designated for each event.

The costumes with a Costume Bonus in this event will be:

Event Point Bonus 5% up! (All released Fantasy Rebirth costumes)

Sacred White Shrine Maiden – Reimu Hakurei
Pinnacle of White Magic – Marisa Kirisame
Devilish White Flower Knight – Sakuya Izayoi
White Magic of the Great Library – Patchouli Knowledge
White Rainbow Gatekeeper – Hong Meiling
White Youkai of Fantasy – Yukari Yakumo
White Gardener of the Netherworld Tower – Youmu Konpaku
White Lily Blooming in Spring – Lily White
Special Investigation White Rabbit – Reisen Udongein Inaba
– Sociable White Hermit – Kasen Ibaraki
White Ice Fairy of Absolute Zero – Cirno
Pure White Nature – Daiyousei
Magician’s White Doll – Alice Margatroid
White Sun Fairy – Sunny Milk
The White Miracle That Brings Good Luck – Sanae Kochiya
White Kappa of Pristine Water – Nitori Kawashiro
Pure White That Will Be Stained Scarlet – Remilia Scarlet
Forbidden White Apple – Flandre Scarlet


Event Point Bonus 10% up!
Heaven’s Illumination – Iku Nagae
Angel of Taboos – Sagume Kishin
Patron Saint of Learning – Eirin Yagokoro


– You don’t have to change costumes to activate the buff. It is sufficient to own the Costume.
– The Costume Bonus doesn’t affect rates other than the quest drops, like task rewards.



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!