Prayer “Story Card Collection” now available!

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Story Card Collection Prayer will be available from June 24!


In this Prayer, only ★4 & ★5 Story Cards will drop!


3x ★5 Story Cards are guaranteed if you use God Crystals to Pray 10 Times!


You can also exchange a ★5 Story Card with 50 Exchange Points,
or a ★4 Story Card with 30 Exchange Points.

The listed Story Cards appear with a higher drop rate:
– ★5 Standing Behind You
– ★5 Members of the Yakumo Family
– ★5 Bonds of Blood
– ★5 Mega Flare
– ★5 Mansion of Memories

– ★4 Midnight Tea
– ★4 Rabbit of Good Fortune
– ★4 It’s Spring!

– You can Pray 10 Times either with 300 God Crystals or 7,500 Coins + 25 Seal Crystals.
– If you use God Crystals to Pray 10 Times, you are guaranteed to receive 3x ★5 Story Cards!
– If you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you will receive 10 Fortune Dust.
– You will not receive Fortune Dust when you use a combination of Seal Crystals and Coins to select Pray Once or Pray 10 Times.

Exchange Points
– You will receive Exchange Points when you perform this Prayer.
– You can exchange 50 Exchange Points for one of the select ★5 Story Cards, and 30 Exchange Points for one of the select ★4 Story Cards.
Disclaimer: You can only use Exchange Points within a certain period. Once the period is over, your Exchange Points will be converted into Spirit Points and sent to your Mail.

Available from:
2022/6/24 6:00 UTC until
2022/7/15 1:59 UTC


Appearing Story Cards

★5 Story Cards

★4 Story Cards



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!