App Store Pricing Adjustments

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.


Apple has announced adjustments to its App Store in-app purchase pricing model. In response, we will be performing maintenance on October 6th, 2022.


Maintenance Period

2022/10/6 0:00~4:00 UTC
Note: The ending time is subject to change without notice.



In response to Apple updating their App Store Price Tiers for certain currencies, the prices listed in the Shop section of Touhou LostWord will be adjusted to match those provided by Apple in the affected regions.


Affected Regions:
All territories that use the Euro currency, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Sweden, Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea.


We will also be adjusting the prices of the Android version to match the iOS version.


As Apple has not yet announced the specific time these changes will be implemented, there may be a brief period where there is a discrepancy between the iOS and Android versions’ prices.
Be aware that all purchases will be charged based on the price displayed on the confirmation screen.



Maintenance Rewards

And to thank you for your patience during maintenance, the following rewards will be sent to your Mail!

Rewards list:
– 5,000 Event Points
– 5 Rare Event Points
– 5 Seal Crystals
– 1,500 Coins
– 3,000 Spirit Points

Claim your rewards from Home > Mail within 30 days!



We appreciate your understanding and continued support.