1.5th Anniversary Discord Join Campaign

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.


Join Touhou LostWord’s Discord through the link in-game to get 5x Seal Crystals!


Campaign Details


How to participate

① ↓Join us on Discord through the link in-game↓

Play Touhou LostWord

News>Discord Join Campaign>Join us on Discord through this link


②Return to Touhou LostWord in-game


③Gifts will be sent to your Mail! 


Available from:
2022/10/27 7:00 UTC until
2022/12/9 3:59 UTC



5x Seal Crystals


Official Touhou LostWord Discord reaches 50,000 members:
1x Exchange Ema Present to all players!


About Discord

On the Official Touhou LostWord Discord server, you can chat with other Touhou LostWord players about the game or Touhou in general, ask questions and get help, or just have some fun with each other! Also, feel free to leave feedback for the game in our feedback channels!


We also hold Live Stages weekly where we have members of the development team chat with everyone live! Join us to ask questions directly to the team!


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!