Boss Challenge “Koishi (F1) EX”

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Play the newest boss challenge to get the powerful ★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit”

Event Exchange for the Boss Challenge “Koishi (F1) EX” has been added! Trade in Event Points for the ★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit” and Spirit Points!

Available from:
2022/12/23 7:00 UTC until
2023/1/13 2:59 UTC


Event Details

Koishi (F1) EX starts from December 23rd!

Koishi (F1) EX has an increased chance to drop various (3) Materials and a special ★5 Story Card, “Choose an Animal Spirit”.

The ★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit” will be available from Tasks and stage drops.


*Koishi (F1) EX is intended to be challenging content for players with multiple high-level Friends, leveled Skills, and various Story Cards equipped.

*It is recommended to bring level 100 Friends to this content.

*Friends with Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth element bullets are recommended



・Clear Stage: Koishi (F1) EX
★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit”

・Get all the ★s in Koishi (F1) EX
10x Tiger Scrolls (3)
10x Phoenix Scrolls (3)
10x Dragon Scrolls (3)
10x Random Superior Incense

Drop Items
・Scrolls (3), Tiles (3), Books of Attack/Defense/Support (3)
・Scrolls (2), Tiles (2), Books of Attack/Defense/Support (2)
・Event Points
・★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit”


Event Exchange

Exchange has been added!

You can exchange 6,000 points for the ★5 Story Card “Choose an Animal Spirit”. Exchange available 5 times!


You will be able to exchange Event Points until the following date and time:

2023/1/20 2:59 UTC


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!