New Content “Reimu’s Great Exorcism Rhythm Mini-Game!”

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Reimu’s Great Exorcism Rhythm Mini Game will be added to Touhou LostWord after December 23rd’s maintenance!

Available from:
2022/12/23 7:00 UTC


Introducing Reimu’s Great Exorcism

Reimu’s Great Exorcism is a rhythm mini-game where you tap to the beat of the music to fend off your foes.

You can select this mini-game by navigating to the “Challenge Mode” icon on the bottom right of the Home Screen and selecting “Kourindou”.

*Note: The Kourindou tab will become available after you have completed the Main Quest: Interlude: Human Village Act1.

How to Play

Choose a song and select from 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic!

Reimu will be in the center of the screen, and phantoms will appear to her left and right.

Tap at the right time to fend off the Phantoms! Find the best tap timing to increase your score and earn a higher rank!

Hint: Not all phantoms are the same! Fend off a variety of phantoms on higher difficulties!

– Tag-Team Phantoms
Tap left and right simultaneously!

– Loooong Phantoms
Keep your eye on the bar… Then tap, hold, and release!

– Shiny Phantoms
Require more precise timing than regular phantoms!

Some phantoms are a mixture of the above! Stay alert and exorcise them all!

You can adjust your volume and tap timing from the settings menu on the bottom right of the Song Select screen.

Volume: Adjust your BGM and SE volume levels.
Timing: Slow down or speed up the phantoms’ timing.

You can adjust the phantoms’ timing automatically by performing a short timing test or manually using the + / – buttons.

When manually adjusting your timing, the + will increase the phantoms’ speed, and the – button will decrease the phantoms’ speed.

Find the best tap timing for you and aim for those SSS ranks!


Song List

The following songs will be available at launch. More songs are planned to be added at a later date!

– Lost Word Chronicle
– The Heat of My Fingertips
– Sporadically Margaret

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Touhou LostWord’s Music Video Project

Exclusive Story Card

Earn the exclusive ★5 Story Card “Reimu’s Great Exorcism” when you clear the mini-game on any difficulty!

*The ★5 Story Card “Reimu’s Great Exorcism” will only be obtained on your first clear.
*You must play until the end of the mini-game in order to clear it.
*The included Story Card will be at MAX Limit Break.


Clear the Mini-Game to earn Spirit Points!

You can earn Spirit Points every day by clearing the Mini-Game!

The amount of Spirit Points you can earn per day by clearing the Mini-Game will be based on your Player Level. This cap will be refreshed every day at 0:00 UTC.

*You must play until the end of the mini-game in order to clear it.
*You cannot carry over your unearned Spirit Points to the next day.
*By increasing your Player Level, your daily Spirit Point cap will be automatically increased.




Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!