New Event “Star EX Battle Stage: Nightmare”

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord!


For those of you who like challenging the toughest content, we’ve got good news! Nightmare Difficulty is being added to the Star EX Battle Stage!


*The Star EX Stage is intended to be challenging content for players with multiple high-level Friends, leveled Skills, and various Story Cards equipped.

*It is recommended to bring Friends that have Star element bullets with you when challenging this content.

*It is recommended to bring level 100 Friends to this content.


Available from:
2023/9/14 7:00 UTC until
2023/10/12 2:59 UTC



Event Details

Clear it to earn Event Points & Gold Materials!

The ★5 Story Cards “Myouren Temple Anniversary” & “Tenma Mountain Starfall” will also drop as Stage Rewards!

This Event will also have Tasks available! Clear them to get Seal Crystals & clear the daily tasks to get Event Points! You can check the Task list out below!

Clear Star EX on Nightmare: 5x Seal Crystals

Daily Tasks:
Clear Star EX Daily on Nightmare once: 1,000x Spirit Points
Clear Star EX Daily on Nightmare three times: 4,000 Spirit Points


Event Points and Event Exchange
An Exchange will also be available! You’ll be able to exchange for the following items:
You will be able to exchange Event Points until the following date and time:
2023/10/19 03:59 UTC


Superior Incense Burners: 1,000 Event Points

Superior Incense: 500 Event Points

★5 Story Card “Myouren Temple Anniversary”: 25,000 Event Points

★5 Story Card “Tenma Mountain Starfall”: 50,000 Event Points

★5 Story Card “Mountain of Faith”: 50,000 Event Points (Sep 21~)

★5 Story Card “Glistening Summer Days”: 50,000 Event Points (Sep 28~)

★5 Story Card “Dancers Take the Stage!”: 50,000 Event Points (Oct 5~)

・Blank Mirrors of Rebirth: 2,000 Event Points

Spirit Points

– The values listed are for a fully enhanced Story Card.
– You can check the appearing Story Cards and drop rates from Prayer > Details.


Costume Bonus

The Costume Bonus increases the drop rate of Event Points in each quest, and is activated by owning the costumes designated for each event.


All Fantasy Rebirth Costumes will also give you a 5% Event Point Bonus!



– You don’t have to equip the costumes to receive the Costume Bonus. As long as you own the costume, it will automatically be applied.

– The Costume Bonus does not affect drop rates outside of the designated quest drops, i.e. Task rewards, etc.



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!