2.5th Anniversary Survey

Happy 2.5th Anniversary! Thank you all for enjoying Touhou LostWord!

We’re always looking for feedback from our players to help improve the game and bring the content you’d like to see! To help with that, we’re hosting a 2.5th Anniversary Survey!

All players who fill it out will receive 5x Seal Crystals & 1,500 Coins as a thank-you present!

Hope to hear from you!



2023/11/10 8:00 UTC until 2023/12/15 23:59 UTC


How to Answer

①Answer the 2.5th Anniversary Survey through the link in-game


⇨Open Touhou LostWord⇦


News > 2.5th Anniversary Survey > Answer the Survey through the link


②Return to Touhou LostWord in-game


③Gifts will be sent to your Mail!



5x Seal Crystals & 1,500x Coins to everyone who completes the survey!

*The gifts will be sent to your Mail.
*Claim your gifts from Home > Mail within 30 days!



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!