New Year’s Message from Producer Yama P & Illustrator Yumeno Rote

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord in 2024!

We’ve got two special New Year’s messages prepared for you! One from Tuouhou LostWord Producer Masayuki Yamagishi, and one from Touhou LostWord Character Designer Yumeno Rote!

Check them out below!

Touhou LostWord Producer: Masayuki Yamagishi

Dear Touhou LostWord fans,

I’m Masayuki Yamagishi, the producer of Touhou LostWord, and I’d like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Thanks to all your warm support, Touhou LostWord was able to celebrate its 3.5th anniversary (2.5th for Global) in 2023.

Last year, we were able to deliver many improvements to the game, such as improvements to the battle system and UI. We were even able to implement the Buddy System, allowing players to team up with their friends.
We plan to continue to work our hardest to deliver an even more enjoyable gameplay experience to you all!

We also released the new Genic Friends and had multiple Touhou-related music circles join our Live streams as guests and answer questions from players.
Interacting with so many Touhou Project fans really made me appreciate the support you give us all the more.

On June 22nd of this year, we plan to bring you Touhou LostWord’s first live music event at the well-known CLUB CITTA’ in Kawasaki!

We on the Touhou LostWord team are committed to bringing you, the fans, a title that you can enjoy for many years to come.

I hope you’ll look forward to what 2024 has in store for Touhou LostWord.

NextNinja Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Yamagishi


Touhou LostWord Character Designer: Yumeno Rote

Happy New Year!
My name’s Yumeno Rote, and I’m an illustrator mainly working on Touhou LostWord’s character illustrations.

I’m really glad I’ve been able to continue drawing for Touhou LostWord into 2024! Thank you all so much!

I’ve received so much support and assistance, everyone’s taken really great care of me. I’ll work my hardest to keep this momentum up throughout 2024 and beyond…!
I’m so happy that I have this experience of being involved with Touhou LostWord together with all of you.

As always, I hope you’ll look forward to the illustrations and content (and me, sometimes) coming to Touhou LostWord in the future.

Anyway, that was just a few comments and an illustration I made to express my gratitude for having this opportunity.

I hope you’re looking forward to more illustrations and more LostWord this year.



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!