Prayer “3rd Anniversary Epic Friend Collection” now available! (Shared Exchange Points)

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

The 3rd Anniversary Epic Friend Collection Prayer will be available starting June 9th!

Each Friend is only available for 24 hours! After that, a new Friend will appear! Every Epic Friend up to Yuyuko Saigyouji (C3) & Youmu Konpaku (C3) will be available, a total of 16 Friends!

Each 24-hour Epic Prayer will share Exchange Points with the others!

This Prayer will also feature the ★5 Story Cards from these Epic Friend’s Prayers! You can exchange for whichever one you like using Exchange Points!

The listed Friends will appear during the following schedule with a higher drop rate:

Day 1: Reimu Hakurei (F1)
6/9 0:00 UTC ~ 6/9 23:59 UTC

Day 2: Yukari Yakumo (C3)
6/10 0:00 UTC ~ 6/10 23:59 UTC

Day 3: Remilia Scarlet (C3)
6/11 0:00 UTC ~ 6/11 23:59 UTC

Day 4: Flandre Scarlet (C3)
6/12 0:00 UTC ~ 6/12 23:59 UTC

Day 5: Koishi Komeiji (F1)
6/13 0:00 UTC ~ 6/13 23:59 UTC

Day 6: Hecatia Lapislazuli (C3)
6/14 0:00 UTC ~ 6/14 23:59 UTC

Day 7: Reimu Hakurei (C3)
6/15 0:00 UTC ~ 6/15 23:59 UTC

Day 8: Koishi Komeiji (C3)
6/16 0:00 UTC ~ 6/16 23:59 UTC

Day 9: Satori Komeiji (C3)
6/17 0:00 UTC ~ 6/17 23:59 UTC

Day 10: Sanae Kochiya (F1)
6/18 0:00 UTC ~ 6/18 23:59 UTC

Day 11: Marisa Kirisame (C3)
6/19 0:00 UTC ~ 6/19 23:59 UTC

Day 12: Miyoi Okunoda (C3)
6/20 0:00 UTC ~ 6/20 23:59 UTC

Day 13: Kogasa Tatara (C3)
6/21 0:00 UTC ~ 6/21 23:59 UTC

Day 14: Marisa Kirisame (Cz1)
6/22 0:00 UTC ~ 6/22 23:59 UTC

Day 15: Yuyuko Saigyouji (C3)
6/23 0:00 UTC ~ 6/23 23:59 UTC

Day 16: Youmu Konpaku (C3)
6/24 0:00 UTC ~ 6/24 23:59 UTC

This Prayer will also feature the following Epic Prayer ★5 Story Cards:

Mansion of Memories
Underworld Party Night
Kasen’s Senkai
Sisters’ Endless Sightseeing
Divine Spirit Tajikarao
Dancers Take the Stage!
Glistening Summer Days
Boundary of Sleep and Vigil
Mountain of Faith
Little Laplace’s Demon
Send Her to the Underworld
Flight Through Silence
Tenma Mountain Starfall
Tropical Netherworld Sushi
Endless Summer Maiden
Let the Oil Money Flow

Limited-Time Prayers
– Select Friends have an increased drop rate.
– When you perform this Prayer, you will receive Friends or Story Cards at random.
– You can perform this Prayer with either God Crystals or a combination of Seal Crystals and Coins.
– If you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you are guaranteed to receive a Friend.
– When you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you will receive 10 Fortune Dust.

After this Limited-time Prayer finishes, Reimu Hakurei (F1), Yukari Yakumo (C3), Remilia Scarlet (C3), Flandre Scarlet (C3), Koishi Komeiji (F1), Hecatia Lapislazuli (C3), Reimu Hakurei (C3), Koishi Komeiji (C3), Satori Komeiji (C3), Sanae Kochiya (F1), Marisa Kirisame (C3), Miyoi Okunoda (C3), Kogasa Tatara (C3), Marisa Kirisame (Cz1), Yuyuko Saigyouji (C3), & Youmu Konpaku (C3) will not be added to the Standard Prayer.

Exchange Points
– Perform Prayers to receive Exchange Points. You can use these Exchange Points to exchange for a Friend or Story Cards included in the Prayer’s specific lineup.
– If this Limited-Time Prayer featuring the same Friend(s) or Story Card(s) as a Step-UP Prayer is also currently available, the Exchange Points will be shared between both Prayers.
– You can exchange 400 Exchange Points for one of the select Friends and 50 Exchange Points for one of the select 5 Star Story Cards.
– You can exchange for a select Friend up to a maximum of 1 time.

Note: Exchange Points have a use-by date. When this date has passed, your Exchange Points will be automatically converted into Spirit Points and sent to your mail.

Available from:
2024/6/9 0:00 UTC until
2024/6/24 23:59 UTC

Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!