Story Card Prayer “Anniversary Bullets” now available!

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

The Anniversary Bullets Story Card Prayer will be available starting June 20th!

This Prayer features the following brand-new ★5 Story Cards from various artists! Check out their images below!

Featured Story Cards
★5 Reimu’s Anniversary Bullets
★5 Sakuya’s Anniversary Bullets
★5 Satori’s Anniversary Bullets
★5 Remilia’s Anniversary Bullets
★5 Reisen’s Anniversary Bullets

Limited-Time Prayers
– Select Story Cards have an increased drop rate.
– When you perform this Prayer, you will receive Story Cards at random.
– You can perform this Prayer with either God Crystals or a combination of Seal Crystals and Coins.
– When you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you will receive 10 Fortune Dust.
– If you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you are guaranteed to receive a ★5 Story Card.
– After this Limited-time Prayer: Anniversary Bullets Story Card Prayer finishes, the ★5 Anniversary Bullets Story Cards will not be added to the Standard Prayer.

Exchange Points
– Perform Prayers to receive Exchange Points. You can use these Exchange Points to exchange for a Friend or Story Cards included in the Prayer’s specific lineup.
– If this Limited-Time Prayer featuring the same Friend(s) or Story Card(s) as a Step-UP Prayer is also currently available, the Exchange Points will be shared between both Prayers.
– You can exchange 50 Exchange Points for one of the select ★5 Story Cards.

Note: Exchange Points have a use-by date. When this date has passed, your Exchange Points will be automatically converted into Spirit Points and sent to your mail.


Available from:
2024/6/20 8:00 UTC until
2024/7/19 3:59 UTC


Story Cards

This Prayer will feature the following ★5 Story Cards with an increased drop rate.
You can exchange 50 Exchange Points for the select ★5 Story Cards.

– The values listed are for a fully enhanced Story Card.
– You can check the appearing Story Cards and drop rates from Prayer > Details.


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!