Scheduled Maintenance

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

The game will be undergoing maintenance during the period listed below, during which you will not be able to play the game.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused during maintenance.

Maintenance Period

2022/1/28 2:00~8:00 UTC
Note: The ending time is subject to change without notice.


Maintenance Summary



Lunar War Servant Ultra Festival

Lunar War Servant Ultra Festival is coming soon!

Sakuya Izayoi Lunar War Servant will have a higher chance of appearing for a limited time!

– Limit Breaks for Ultra Festival Friends require a Divine Paper Doll or the same character to perform.
– If you use God Crystals to select Pray 10 Times, you will receive 10 Fortune Dust.
– You will not receive Fortune Dust when you use a combination of Seal Crystals and Coins to select Pray Once or Pray 10 Times.
– After the Limited-time Prayer Ultra Festival: Lunar War Servant finishes, Sakuya Izayoi will NOT be added to the Standard Prayer.

Exchange Points
– You will receive Exchange Points when you perform this Prayer.
– You can exchange 250 Exchange Points for one of the select Units.
Disclaimer: You can only use Exchange Points within a certain period. Once the period is over, your Exchange Points will be converted into Spirit Points and sent to your Mail.

Available from:
2022/1/28 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/10 1:59 UTC

↓ Click here for more details! ↓

Prayer “Lunar War Servant Ultra Festival”

And… Lunar War Servant Packs are also coming soon!
Get Divine Paper Dolls to limit break your Ultra Festival Friends!

*Limited time only!*

Lunar War Servant Packs will be available in the shop for a limited time only! Get them while you can!

Lunar War Servant Pack L $99.99 USD (Only available 5 times!)
5,000 God Crystals
1 Paper Doll
1 Divine Paper Doll
45 Orchid Tile (3)
60 Plum Tile (3)
25 Dragon Scroll (3)
60 Phoenix Scroll (3)
60 Tiger Scroll (3)
25 Book of Attack (3)

Lunar War Servant Pack S $79.99 USD (Only 5 times available!)
3,000 God Crystals
1 Divine Paper Doll
30 Orchid Tile (3)
40 Plum Tile (3)
20 Dragon Scroll (3)
40 Phoenix Scroll (3)
40 Tiger Scroll (3)
20 Book of Attack (3)

Available from:
2022/1/28 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 1:59 UTC


Oni, Maids, and Chocolate

New event, Oni, Maids, and Chocolate is coming!
Have a good Valentine’s Day! Click here for more event details!

Available from:
2022/1/28 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/10 1:59 UTC

↓Watch the event trailer below!↓


Oni, Maids, and Chocolate Packs will be available!

Do not miss the Event Bonus Pack! $14.99 USD (Only 5 times available!)

480 God Crystals (Enough God Crystals for a Costume!)
2 Unagi Lunch
18,000 Spirit Point

Available from:
2022/1/21 8:00 UTC until
2022/1/28 1:59 UTC

Oni, Maids, and Chocolate Login Bonus

Rewards list:
Day 1: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 2: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 3: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 4: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 5: 1 ★4 Story Card (Demon Royalty)
Day 6: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 7: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 8: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 9: 1,000 Spirit Points
Day 10: 1 ★5 Story Card (Maid Sword Drawing Tech.)

*Each gift can only be received once.

Available from:
2022/1/29 0:00 UTC until
2022/2/10 23:59 UTC


Look forward to the new costume series of Oni, Maids, and Chocolate!
Check the Friends dressed in maid costumes in the shop!
Let’s take a look at them!

Remilia Scarlet


Kasen Ibaraki

Suika Ibuki

Yuugi Hoshiguma

Patchouli Knowledge



Main Story Clear Campaign Part 2

Main Story Clear Campaign Part 2 will be available! Look forward to various drop rate campaigns, special tasks, and more that will be coming up in this series of campaigns!

For a limited time, the Drop Rate of Main Story Chapter 3 Act 1 will be increased by 3X! And special tasks will be available to clear Chapter 3 Act 1 to earn various rewards!

Available from:
2022/1/28 8:00 UTC

↓ Click here for more details! ↓

Main Story Clear Campaign Part 2

And…! Main Story Clear Campaign Part 1 is still ongoing! Seize the last chance to clear Main Story Chapter 2 and earn rewards!


2x School EXP Week

Earn 2x the Exp. Points during this campaign!

Available from:
2022/1/28 8:00 UTC until
2022/2/4 3:59 UTC


Login Bonus

MV Project BGM Collection Login Bonus

Reward BGMs list:
Day 1
-Song: I’m Alright!
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. KIHOW from MYTH & ROID × A-One
Orig.: U.N Owen Was Her?

Day 2
-Song: The Heat of My Fingertips
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. Shimamiya Eiko × Yuuhei Satellite
Orig.: Septette for the Dead Princess

Day 3
-Song: Night-Splitting Light
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. Hironobu Kageyama × Butaotome
Orig.: Magus Night

Day 4
-Song: Moonlit Festival!
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. Eimi Naruse+Ringo Coisio from Band Ja Naimon MAXX NAKAYOSHI × IOSYS
Orig.: Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon/Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess

Day 5
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. kaguranana × SOUND HOLIC
Orig.: Girl Satori ~ 3rd eye

Day 6
-Song: Disillusion
Arr.: Touhou LostWord feat. Faylan × Alstroemeria Records
Orig.: Perfect Cherry Blossom ~ Ancient Temple

*Each gift can only be received once.


Login Bonus Adjustment

Log in during February and the following times to receive the renewed login bonus! You can get 1 Divine Paper Doll on Day 25!

*Each gift can only be received once.

Available from:
2022/2/1 0:00 UTC until
2022/2/28 23:59 UTC

Maintenance Rewards

And to thank you for your patience during maintenance, the following rewards will be sent to your Mail!


Rewards list:

5 Seal Crystals

1,500 Coins

500 Spirit Points


Claim your rewards from Home > Mail within 30 days!


Join us on Discord to check the latest information!


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!