Prayer “72H Starter Technical Class Festival” coming soon!

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.


72H Starter Technical Class Festival will be available from Sep 30th!

Get 1x guaranteed Festival Friend per 10x Prayer!


Guaranteed Festival Friends List:
-Seija Kijin (L1)
-Tenshi Hinanawi (L1)
-Misumaru Tamatsukuri (L1)
-Eirin Yagokoro (A8)
-Yachie Kicchou (L1)
-Yukari Yakumo(A7)

-Keiki Haniyasushin (L1)
-Kaguya Houraisan (L1)
-Suika Ibuki (L1)
-Doremy Sweet (L1)


You can pray 3 times only.
Each Prayer requires 300 God Crystals and provides 10x prays. 10x Fortune Dust are given as a bonus for each Prayer.

– This Prayer appears 72 hours later after the tutorial has been completed.
– This Prayer will disappear 72 hours after it has begun.
*Destroy Class Festival will be held on Oct 3rd.

– Each character will appear as ☆1.
– You can check the character list and drop rates from Prayer > Details

Available from:
2022/9/30 0:00 UTC


Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!