Touhou LostWord – Development Manifesto #1

Preview of Upcoming Content 2022

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

Going forward we’re looking to bring updates to everyone on things we have in-development, especially in terms of new features, new playable content, reworks, and the like.

To start things off, here is a preview of some content that is in the works for release this year.


New Content – VS: Divergent Spirit (Expected release: 2022)

Originally released under names such as EX, we are now working on a complete overhaul of this content that will transform it into a brand new playable content type allowing accessibility to the wider player base with adjustable difficulty, the introduction of selectable Special Rules and more features.

Set Base Spirit Level & increase the Total Spirit Level with Special Rules to get ★5 Story Cards and other rewards.

VS: Divergent Spirit will provide the option to players of farming at the difficulty they choose to set, however, the content is not intended to be farming-centric.

Key Points:
・The addition of adjustable Base Spirit Level & Total Spirit Level
・The ability to freely set Special Rules for VS: Divergent Spirit stages
・Extensive first time clear rewards according to Base Spirit Level & Total Spirit Level

More information will be provided as we move along in-development!

*Please keep in mind that this is in-development and changes may occur


Battle Improvement – Overdamage (Expected release: 2022)

Currently when an enemy has their Gauge Burst and you hit them with further Spell Cards & Shots, the used Spell Card loses its purpose for the most part resulting in not so satisfying gameplay in a variety situations, with this in mind we’re currently working on the following improvements to battles in regards to Gauges.

・The display of Overdamage.
→Damage dealt after the Gauge Burst will now be displayed along with the amount of hits.

・With the introduction of Overdamage, you will now receive Spirit Power Bonus based on the hits after Gauge Burst. This will allow for potential strategies in regards to setting up your Friends for the next turn with more Spirit Power to boost attacks.

・Spell Cards that hit an enemy after they are in Gauge Burst will now be restored. This feature will also open up the potential of more strategies as it will be possible to save more Spell Cards or even utilize them strategically for certain buffs and then receive the restoration.

*Please keep in mind that this is in-development and changes may occur


Mini-game – Reimu’s Great Exorcism (Expected release: 2022)

Look forward to Touhou LostWord’s first mini-game!
More information will be released as development progresses, but you can expect to see a mini-game involved with music in Reimu’s Great Exorcism!


Improvement – Skip for Fantasy Rebirth Stages (Expected release: October 2022)

With more and more Friends having their Fantasy Rebirth being implemented we are now working on the ability to instantly clear multiple Friends’ Fantasy Rebirth Stages at once with a skip function!

Key Points:
・1 run using Skip will cost 12 Spirit Points (This is a set rate)
・To unlock Skip it will be required to clear the target Friend’s stage with ☆ ☆ ☆ on Lunatic



Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!