New event “Rerun: The Secret God Games Lite ver.” (Luck Drops Added!)

Thank you for playing Touhou LostWord.

Play through this event to experience the story and earn rewards!

Available from:
2024/3/25 7:00 UTC until
2024/4/5 3:59 UTC

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Touhou LostWord – The Secret God Games


Event Details

Event Points, Exchange, Lottery, and Total Points

You will be able to exchange Event Points until the following date and time:
2024/4/12 2:59 UTC

Play through this Limited Event to experience the story and collect Event Points.
Complete the Event tasks to earn rewards and additional Event Points!
You can exchange Event Points from Shop > Shrine Office > Event Exchange, or try out the Event Lottery to earn useful items!
Don’t forget to check your Total Points from the Event Menu! Tap the Receive All button to earn a bunch of rewards for clearing total Event Point milestones!

Note: Event Points drop amount has been revised.

Go for the Event Point Bonus!
Some Event Quests will have an Event Point Bonus once per day during the event period!
Make sure to clear these Quests to collect as many Event Points as you can and earn more rewards!

Note: the quests reset at 0:00.

Difficulty Level
This Event has 3 playable difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic.
Each quest cleared on Normal difficulty is automatically unlocked for Hard difficulty, and each quest cleared on Hard difficulty is automatically unlocked for Lunatic difficulty.
You can experience the story by playing through the Event on Normal difficulty.

Rare Event Points
Rare Event points are points that only drop from Quests!
You can exchange these Rare Event Points for exclusive Vinyl Records that contain music tracks you can play on the Home Screen, as well as other enhancement items such as Fortune Dust.

BGM List for Rare Event Points
– Song: The Fairy Dreams of Midwinter
Orig.: A Midsummer Fairy’s Dream

– Song: Running Through the Firefly Wind
Arr.: Foxtail-Grass Studio
Orig.: Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect

– Song: Get the truth [Instrumental] Arr.: K2E†Cradle
Orig.: The Princess Who Slays Dragon Kings

– Song: Forbidden Yamametal – Theme of Yamame
Arr.: zyukucho (COOL&CREATE)
Orig.: The Sealed-Away Youkai ~ Lost Place

– Song: Two Wings (Karaoke ver.)
Orig.: Magic Shop of Raspberry / Lotus Road / Border Land

– Quests have a low chance to drop 1 Rare Event Point per clear. Rare Event Points do not drop in quantities of more than 1.
– Rare Event points are not counted towards your Total Points and cannot be used in the Lottery.

Event Exchange
Exchange Event Points for the following items!

・Paper Doll: 20,000 Event Points
・Guaranteed Friend Ritual: 15,000 Event Points
・Story Card Ritual: 10,000 Event Points
・★5 Story Card “Stadium Delights”: 4,500 Event Points
・★4 Story Card “Midnight Stretches”: 2,500 Event Points
・Mirrors of Rebirth (Lily White & Sunny Milk): 200 Event Points
・Books, Medicines, Spirit Points, Coins

Daily Rewards have been added to the Exchange!

Luck Drops have been added to this Event! Challenge the stages with the Luck Symbol to earn them!



The following difficulties will be available:

Event Tasks & Rewards

Do the Daily Quest to get Event Points
・Log in during the Event
・Win the Event battle 3~40 times
・Clear the Daily Quest
・Pray 1~3 times
・Clear EX 1 time

Challenge each Stage to get Seal Crystals, Event Points & Rare Event Points
・Clear each Stage to get 1 Seal Crystal
・Clear Stages on Hard & Lunatic difficulty to earn Event Points
・Get all the ★s on a stage to earn Event Points & Rare Event Points
・Clear Stage: Slam Dunk on Normal to get 1 ★4 Story Card “Midnight Stretches”
・Clear Stage: An Insane Finish to get 1 ★5 Story Card “Stadium Delights”
・Get all the ★s in EX Stages
・Clear each EX Stage to get 1x Seal Crystal

Point Bonus x5 Quests:
・The Participants
・Hard Working Halftime
・Time to Dig Deep
・The Strongest Fairy

Event Schedule

3/25 after maintenance
→ Forbidden Games
→ Another Peaceful Day in Gensokyo
→ Stadium Buzz
→ The Participants
→ The Insanity Begins
→ An Explosive Startv
→ Insect Team-Up
→ Firefly Light
→ To the Basket!
→ Slam Dunk (Clear this stage on Normal to get 1 ★4 Story Card “Midnight Stretches”)
→ A Hop, Skip, and a Jump
→ Jumping For… Madness?
→ When Tsuchigumo Fly
→ Hard Working Halftime
→ Centipede’s Got Rhythm
→ Time to Dig Deep
→ The Real Treasure
→ Insanity at its Finest
→ Hurdles and Bullets
→ The Strongest Fairy
→ An Insane Finish (Clear this stage to get 1 ★5 Story Card “Stadium Delights”)

EX Stages
→ The Insanity Begins… Again
→ Hallway Impossible
→ Which Meiling? That Meiling!
→ Flandre Joins the Battle!
→ Deja Vu

– Quests have a low chance to drop 1 Rare Event Point per clear. Rare Event Points do not drop in quantities of more than 1.
– Rare Event points are not counted in Total Points and cannot be used in the Lottery.

Costume Bonus

The Costume Bonus increases the drop rate of Event Points and Rare Event Points in each quest, and is activated by owning the costumes designated for each event.

The costumes with a Costume Bonus in this event will be:

Rare Point drop rate 20% up
– Worm Moon Firefly – Wriggle Nightbug
– Worm Moon Earth Spider – Yamame Kurodani
– Worm Moon Swallowtail – Eternity Larva
– Worm Moon Centipede – Momoyo Himemushi
– Jealousy-Driven Cheering Spirit – Parsee Mizuhashi
– All Aboard! Full Speed Ahead! – Minamitsu Murasa
– Sunshine-Praying Umbrella – Kogasa Tatara
– Cheerleader of the Four Seasons – Yuuka Kazami
– Misfortune Exorcising Cheerleader – Hina Kagiyama
– Bill Paid For With Cheer – Shion Yorigami
– Not So Cheerful-Looking Cheerleader – Hata no Kokoro
– Happy-To-Listen Cheer-Up Guide – Komachi Onozuka

– White Lily Blooming in Spring – Lily White
– White Sun Fairy – Sunny Milk

– You don’t have to equip the costumes to receive the Costume Bonus. As long as you own the costume it will automatically be applied.
– The Costume Bonus does not affect drop rates outside of the designated quest drops, i.e. Task rewards, etc.



Rerun: The Secret God Games Lite ver. Packs

*Available for a limited time only!*

Event Bonus Pack $14.99 USD (Available for purchase five times!)
480x God Crystals
2x Unagi Lunch
18,000x Spirit Points

Event Pack XS $4.99 USD (Available for purchase five times!)

Event Pack S $9.99 USD (Available for purchase four times!)

Event Pack M $19.99 USD (Available for purchase three times!)

Event Pack L $39.99 USD (Available for purchase two times!)

Event Pack XL $79.99 USD (Available for purchase three times!)

Available from:
2024/3/25 7:00 UTC until
2024/4/5 3:59 UTC

Enjoy your journey in Touhou LostWord!